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NEW ALBUM 「信玄桜の祈り」の配信が開始されました








Guided meditation by Dr. Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu ~スティー ヴン・マーフィー重松先生による誘導瞑想   (スタンフォード大学 心理学博士)


Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu is a psychologist with a doctorate from Harvard University,and training in clinical and community psychology, yoga, meditation, and Chinese medicine.

He was professor of education and at the University of Tokyo and director of the international counseling center. At Stanford University he cofounded the LifeWorks program in contemplative and integrative education.・・・・



When I first listened to the meditation guide by Dr. Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu (Doctor of Psychology, “Mindfulness Class” at Stanford University) uploaded on his own SNS, I felt the urge to add music to the guide.

Dr. Stephen’s voice was genuinely kind and filled with love, as if the speech itself was a healing.

After listening to the 30-minute program repeatedly, I added whatever sound that comes to my mind. When I sent the resulting sound compilation to Dr. Stephen, the doctor gave me a reassuring message – “Roman, do please share it with everyone.”

Under the present situation, I believe Dr. Stephen is trying to disseminate a very important message.

In my deepest gratitude for being able to deliver this guided meditation to you, I pray for your life to continue peacefully.


前野隆司(写真)× AOIHOSHI                   " 世界は今日も美しい〜光〜 "

  Takashi Maeno x AOIHOSHI

  "The world is beautiful-light"




On a beautiful May night, when I saw a photograph of Professor Takashi Maeno of the Keio University graduate school, who started to work as a photographer, I heard a series of soft tones.

So when I contacted him to add a song, he immediately said, "Please add it!" !! Happy and happy. The song was created the next day by improvisation with a photo. While playing the piano, it was a miraculous time. Professor Maeno can now start Wellbeing University online, and is working day and night with about 140 students, aiming for a happy society. I and Hiroyuki Suzuki are the students.Please take a look at this together with Mr. Maeno's photo! I hope you will be happy.                

2020/05/08      TOKYO

AOIHOSHI 「祝福~blessing」









住所 〒418-0067 静岡県富士宮市宮町1-1

℡ 0544-24-2544


富士宮市の皆様のお役に立てるよう、私たちも頑張ります。2020年2月6日 富士宮市役所市長室にて

A Prayer From the Ancient Cacao


We created a song to protect the rainforest of the South American Amazon. We also want to help through music.

A Prayer From the Ancient Cacao


This song is an original device that we aredeveloping, converting the bioelectrical current of the plant into a melody,and creating it with a single improvisation with me...

This song is a co-starring of plants andpeople that are the same creatures.

I came to think that it’s a message fromthe earth.


We have been searching for something we can do like you.And this time, we collected support withour original Amazon’s video and started distributing video to donate 1/3 ofthat amount (other than maintenance and advertising expenses) to EarthAlliance. Could you see it once? Although we arestill very weak, we want to spread this song to as many people as possible togain support.

We ask for your cooperation.


動画に流れている曲をご購入いただくと、売上の1/3が 俳優で活動家のレオナルド・ディカプリオ氏らが立ち上げた環境保護団体「アース・アライアンス」を通して、火災が続くブラジル・アマゾンの熱帯雨林保護のために、寄付されます。